14 Creative Travel Inspired Tattoos

14 Creative Travel Inspired Tattoos

What better way to remember an awesome trip than a permanent ink onto your skin?!? Great selection of travel inspired tattoos.
In the age of cheap flights, improved connections, internet deals and budget hotels travelling the world is easier than ever. You can be sat at your laptop scrolling the web one day and the next day be laid on an exotic beach basking in the sun. We live in a time where travelling is not just reserved for the adventurous or the rich and where the world is what you make of it.
It is true that some make more of it than others! But the adventure is nonetheless out there and is more accessible than ever before, the old phrase 'the world is your oyster' has never been more apparent than today. There are even those who live to travel and document their journeys on their skin! Yep, these people are part of a growing trend of travel tattoos, where being inked is part of the journey.
A map, a compass, a name or even some coordinates, whatever you choose for your travel tattoo it will always have a personal meaning to you and give you a one of a kind piece of ink! Having a hard time thinking of what you would get? Well here is some inspiration...
An awesome little wrist tattoo never goes a miss
This cool road trip tattoo was done by Brian Beckwith at Mass Ink
Simple is never boring...
What a great collection of ink memories!
Jay Crockett at Brass City Tattoo did this little travel map
The most famous road sign in the world done by Jason Begay
Fantastic shoulder travel piece by Canada based artist Rian
Palm trees are always cool, and a good memory for this person
Great way to remember a place by inking its location!
Incredible travel collage backpiece! Know the artist let us know!
Elegant little travel foot tattoos always look good!
Brilliant globe inspired tattoo by Will Gerber
Beautiful and simple map tattoo!
Coordinates tattoo by Cats at 2Spirit in San Francisco
The world is your oyster... so go out and make it happen!!! Live the adventure and remember it forever with some awesome travel inspired ink!