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14 Tattoos that Shred by Shaun Topper

In a waveless day in 1958, two Malibu surfers decided to attach wheels beneath their boards. A hybrid craze was born. Enthusiasts glided up and down the sidewalks on this device that was originally called the roll'surf. The legendary skate and surf store, the Zephyr Shop, then opened in Venice, Los Angeles. Its employees, the Z-Boys went on to create what became the modern skateboard. Surfing and Skateboarding are now an integral part of the west coast beach culture, and few have cultivated that "hang loose" kind of vibe into their art quite like Shaun Topper. Shaun has a bright and fun, traditional yet modern and progressive style of tattooing. With a body of work that is very strong, clean, and technically solid, you're hard pressed to find a tattoo less than excellent in his Instagram portfolio. Looking through, you'll find he's become kind of known for these little shredder dudes that he does often -  there's no doubt he's been inspired by his Pacific surroundings!

Check out these guys below...

This painting was too rad to leave out!
This painting was too rad to leave out!

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Find Shaun at Dan Smith's Captured Tattoo in Tustin California, and on Instagram at @shauntopper


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