15 Badass Punk Rock Tattoos

15 Badass Punk Rock Tattoos

Rock music is very linked to tattoo art, and if we first think to hard rock, we don't have to forget punk rock tattoos.
The punk movement has its roots in the 70s. Tired to have no freedom and no future, the youth of North America and Europe, decided to create a new type of music, art, fashion and way of life based on nonconformism and rebellion. New York and London were the capitals of punk. The codes were given by iconic bands and musicians such as the Ramones, Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols and The Clash, as well as fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Tattoo was indeed an extra way to show individuality.
The main idea was to shock a narrow-minded society, but also to enjoy youth and life, with slogans such as "Too fast to live, too young to die" and "No future". Yes, the concept of extreme enjoyment of the present moment was already there before the Bieber's generation and its YOLO... Punk fashion and art are now quite mainstream, as well as tattoo, and punk music has evolved. But the spirit of punks is always here, and many fans are still getting punk rock tattoos, either as tributes to their favorite bands or to the punk way of life. Tattoos are a way to recognize real fans, and bands are even offering free tickets to their show for people sporting tattoos of their logos... So, are you closer to the 70s punk or a fan of bands such as Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys or Black Flag? In any case, nevermind the bollocks, here are some cool punk rock tattoos...
Fabulous punk girl tattoo by Valerie Vargas with so many cool détails!
Awesome sleeve by Zhivko Baychev as a tribute to Joey Ramone.
Kids are united! Cute black and grey realistic portrait by Tom Renshaw.
Fun punk penguin by Tim Pangburn!
Knuckles tattoos are the most badass tattoo location... Photo by Edward Bishop.
Old school punk girl by Matt Houston.
Rad punk cat tattoo by Loxodrom!
Who said watercolor tattoos were girly??? By Koray Karagözler.
Haha! Fun blowfish with a tongue piercing by Keith Ciaramello!
This punk pin-up by Chris Garver truly rocks!
Punk chestpiece in Realistic Trash Polka style made at Buena Vista Tattoo Club.
Great portrait by Andy Engel of Social Distortion's leader Mike Ness.
Who doesn't recognize the iconic cover of London Calling disc by band The Clash? Tattoo by AD Pancho.
So, are you a tattooed punk? And what are your punk rock tattoos?
Once a punk always a punk... worrying about how your punk years tattoos will look when you will be older? Badass!
And remember: punk is not all about the look, it is also a state of mind! :-P
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