15 Bold and Exquisite Bodysuits

15 Bold and Exquisite Bodysuits

It is the ultimate dedication to tattoo art: bodysuits. You can spend a whole life getting tattoos to end up fully covered..
But some intense ink lovers prefer to cover it all with just one enormous tattoo... The existence of bodysuit tattoos is not recent. Our ancestors enjoyed covering their full body with ethnic tattoos and you still can find some gorgeous examples of these traditions in the Pacific and in Japan, with the irezumis. Irezumi tattoos are a reference in tattoo art when it comes to bodysuits. With their special design, they were intended to be hidden by the traditional clothing, revealing their codified beauty only in special occasions.
Their meanings were very powerful, and their study is so humbling. Now, bodysuits can be found in any style, with a, exponential variety of talent and beauty, due to the increase of interest for tattoo art. To get your ultimate masterpiece, you need to select THE tattoo artist. Collectors can wait years, if not décades, to get bodysuits by tattoo masters, often famous for their massive pieces. Bodysuits are traditionally covering the back, the torso, the thighs and the half sleeves. But you can also get half bodysuits (one side of the body for example) or full bodysuits, and this mean your whole body is one and only tattoo... It is the boldest tattoo act, and you need to think about you ink as it is a huge commitment.
But the persons who decide to get bodysuits deserve our admiration, as well as the breath-taking work they are wearing... Here is a selection of spectacular bodysuits, with a great variety of style and the amazing talent of some of the best tattoo masters...
Here a jaw-dropping bodysuit by Adrian Lee.
Many masters of a certain type of new school, mixing Japanese tradition and vivid comics influences, are coveting big pièces to unleash their talent.
Here a Celtic bodysuit by Astrid Köpfler.
Ethnic tattoos were indeed using full bodies way before tattoo art became more mainstream.
Here an outstanding example by master Filip Leu.
The Japanese traditional tattoo and its irezumis is indeed one of the best inspiration for full bodysuits.
The black and grey style is also very used in bodysuit art. Here by Gabriel Tenneson.
Here the recognizable and amazing art of Guy le Tatooer.
When ink collectors find their perfect tattoo artist, they allow him to use their complete body, inserting their older tattoos into a complete masterpiece.
A badass Hindu Gods full bodysuit by Isnard Barbosa.
This terrific piece by Jason Butcher is making people talk a lot, yet you have to admit this is breath-taking.
Bodysuits don't have to be dark: here a very joyful cartoon-style one by new school master Jesse Smith.
Impressive piece by Julian Siebert.
Fantastic blackwork bodysuit by Nazareno Tubaro.
Tattoo artist Nissaco almost broke the internet with his out of this world geometric bodysuit.
Still more work to do to complete this bodysuit, but this is already fabulous! By Paco Dietz.
Biomechanical is the tattoo style which go big more often. Here a piece by Ron Earhart.
Badass tribal bodysuit by Samuel Christensen.
The ultimate bodysuits master is indeed Shige. If you want to see more masterpieces using the whole human body, you've got to Google his name...
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