15 Breath-Taking Sacred Geometry Tattoos

15 Breath-Taking Sacred Geometry Tattoos

You indeed have already heard of geometric tattoos, and maybe of sacred geometry tattoos: but what is the difference exactly?
Nature is full of geometry, and spirituality has always been fascinated by this hidden secret. Sacred geometry is used in religious architecture (and for all religions), with concepts observed in natural patterns, as well as in art. With the growth of dotwork, aka pointillism tattoos, geometric tattoos has soon moved from meaningless ornamental tattoos to masterpieces with deeper meanings. Ink lovers getting sacred geometry tattoos are following the traditions of holistic practice, when shamans and monks were the only ones tattooing. Depending on their placement and design, they believe that their tattoos could affect their health, spirituality and energy.
Sacred geometry tattoos are very mystical, and henceforward, very trendy. We already introduced you to Fibonacci spiral tattoos, a popular sacred geometry element, but other designs are worth knowing. The cube of Metatron, for example, an intricate geometric design composed of circles and lines which is containing every shape existing in the Universe. There are also the flower of life (also called the fruit or seed of life), the Gordian knot, mandalas and the Platonic solids.
The latters all have different spiritual meanings with connection to life: the tetrahedron (4 faces) is linked to element fire, the cube to earth, the octahedron (8 faces) to air, the dodecahedron (12 faces) to spirit and the icosahedron (20 faces) to water. All sacred geometry elements can be used alone or combined with other tattoo designs, often for decoration. If you too believe that the Universe was created according to geometric plans, and want to find your place, or if you just enjoy the amazing beauty of symmetrical art, check those breath-taking sacred geometry tattoos...
Elements, energy and sacred geometry: epic sleeve by Phil Antahkarana.
Tattoo artist Dillon Forte is one of these artists specialized in sacred geometry tattoos.
The flower of life according to Kenji Alucky.
Amazing ink by Katia Somerville.
Metatrons cube by Ivan Hack.
Cool dodecahedron tattoo by Kreatyves.
Jaw-dropping sleeve by H. H. Little Sky!!!
Badass in color too, by Dmitry Vision.
By Daniel Matsumoto.
Crazy hip tattoo by Corey Divine!
Fascinating sacred geometry underboob tattoo by Chris Rigoni...
Nice design by AZL.
Sacred geometry tattoos are good elements for ambitious geometric pieces. Here by Aston Reynolds.
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