15 Fancy Bird Tattoos

15 Fancy Bird Tattoos

You will never go wrong with bird tattoos. The symbol of freedom and joy, birds are inspiring tattoo lovers who are also animal lovers.
Some of them love small birds for their cuteness, while some others are looking for more noble and impressive bird designs, such as the fascinating owls. Exotic birds are also making amazing tattoo designs, with their breath-taking details, elegant silhouettes and lurid colors. Bird tattoos are allowing all the eccentricities. Admirers of the neo traditional style would favor realistic anatomies but with elegant details such as jewels and designs inspired by Fine Arts, especially Art Nouveau. With the development of more avant-garde styles, bird tattoos can be a good excuse for very original creations in bold styles, such as watercolor, cubism inspiration and impressive graphic tattoos. If you adore these noble animals and if you are coveting intricate and colorful designs, you will go crazy for these fancy bird tattoos.
Lovely abstract bird by Wonka.
Nice colors, by Spendlo.
Cool neo traditional chestpiece by Oleg Turianski.
Tattoo artist Mike Boyd does very pop bird tattoos.
Another beautiful one by Mike Boyd, for swallows lovers.
Badass owl tattoo by Matt Lambdin.
Impressive peacock tattoo by Mariñe Perez.
Cute little thing by Lore Morato.
Elegant tattoo by Eilo Martin.
The art of David Hale.
Bird tattoos also work well without their vivid colors... Cool work of Cisco.
Amazing colors in this tattoo by AD Pancho!
Nice back tattoo, but the name of the artist went missing. Can you add it in comments please?
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