15 Splendid Embroidery Tattoos

Tattoo imitates all arts and crafts, so it is very natural to see embroidery tattoos.
And the best thing about them (on top of being beautiful, indeed!) is that they beat every stereotype: no, they are not only for old ladies and women! Young persons of both sex are coveting them. Embroidery tattoos are connecting us with our family's tradition. They remind us the sewing activity we used to do with our relatives, how they taught it to us, and how we think about them each time we are doing it again, even if they are departed. Embroidery can also be a strong part of your culture: many people with Hungarian and Ukrainian roots are wishing to get Matyo and Vyshyvanka tattoos to celebrate the skills and arts of their ancestors.
Cross stitch tattoos are also very trendy, sometimes using very modern design. Seamstresses enjoy getting tattoos related to their passion and job. Embroidery tattoos are matching their crafty nature and their taste for beautiful, customised and elegant things. So, if you love precious threads, refined geometric designs and if you are looking for inspiration, you should definitely take a look at those splendid embroidery tattoos...