15 Wonderful Clock Tattoos

15 Wonderful Clock Tattoos

Time is the foundation and structure of almost everything in the world we know. The measurement of time is what enables people to function.
Our lives exist in the construct of a time based system whether its work, sleep, relaxation or watching TV, time is a necessity to almost all people.
To indicate, coordinate and keep track of time there is the handy little device of a clock. It is safe to assume we all know what a clock is but if not then a clock is perhaps one of humanities greatest inventions. A device designed to measure and display time a clock is a simple yet masterful piece of human engineering. However, a clock represents so much more, it is an instrument that in reality governs the whole of human life. It holds in its grasp a concept so great that intellectuals and philosophers alike have spent centuries discussing it without ever finding one conclusion. Yet a clock nonetheless holds time and with it a captivating beauty people are drawn to, so of course a clock makes a brilliant tattoo!!
Clock tattoos are a growing trend with many people because of the great symbolism they contain. Like any tattoo a clock tattoo can have a variety of meanings depending on the individual, but even if there is no specific meaning a clock tattoo still holds some magical element that draws us in. Is it because we are all governed by time, because we feel our clock is ticking, or is it simply because clocks make some of the most impressive and intriguing tattoos out there!!! Don't believe me take a look and be drawn in by these 15 wonderful clock tattoos!
Stunning tattoo by Yomico Moreno
How about a traditional spin on a clock?!?
Fantastic clock by Carl Grace
Stunning 3D Clock piece
Brilliant mechanical clock
Clock Tattoo by Ivo Stankov
This tattoo was done by Derrick Diaz
Love this grandfather clock...so original!!
Epic mechanical clock!!!
Time Heals Nothing
Another great tattoo by Niki Norberg
Clock tattoo
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