20 Badass Throat Tattoos

20 Badass Throat Tattoos

With the growing popularity and acceptance of tattoos it's becoming ever more common to see people sporting tattoos in unusual places.
Previously tattoos on the hands, neck and face were almost always a big no. They would pretty much outright stop any possibility of you getting a job... but times have changed. Tattoos are a part of modern culture and whether people like it or not they are becoming more and more accepted. Yes, they may still hinder chances of employment but the likely hood is regardless of tattoos you will find a job, employers are now realising tattoos or not if a person is right for the job they are right for the job.
Throat tattoos are such a tattoo that was previously fairly uncommon outside the realm of the tattoo industry, but with more acceptance of tattoos throat tattoos are a growing trend. So lets celebrate society finally opening up to tattoos a little bit more by looking at these awesome and badass throat tattoos!! They're not as scary as you may think!
Brilliant tattoo by Jason Rhodes
Joao Bosco did this awesome throat skull!
Tattoo done at Hammersmith Tattoo, London
Biomechanical throat by Nick Baxter
This biomechanical piece was done at Fatink Tattoo
Nick Baxter created this throat, neck and chest flower tattoo
Throat and chin octopus done at Black 13 Tattoo
Throat and chin-owl-flower-realistic tattoo by Tatuajes Demon
New school owl by Colin Jones
Nick Baldwin did this new school tiger
New school wolf by Marc Nava
Old school bird by Thomas as Rock 'n' Roll Tattoo
A fantastic butterfly done at Carnivale Tattoo
Old school eagle by Skull and Sword Tattoo
Tattoo done at Nightmare Tattoo Studio
This old school number 3 was done at Broad Street Studio
Realistic candle done at Dark Art Tattoo
Tim Mueller did this bold throat candle tattoo
Yarek Slezak created this amazing owl
Zombie throat by Jason Rhodes
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