20 Striking Vampire Tattoos

20 Striking Vampire Tattoos

Vampires exist in nightmares, undead mythical beings that exist to feed on the life of living creatures, usually by drinking their blood.
The modern view of vampires has largely been shaped by the story of Dracula written by Bram Stoker and the Hollywood productions that followed. Pale skin, sharp fangs, a true creature of the night, these are the images that come to mind when you think of a vampire...or you think of Robert Pattinson in Twilight. Nevertheless vampires still strike fear into the hearts of the old and young alike, however with fear comes intrigue and interest. Put simply vampires are incredibly fascinating beings, naturally then they make great tattoos!
Vampire tattoos can be some of the most striking and impressive portraits around, or even a bold and colourful traditional piece! What ever form they take the end result is the same- an awesome tattoo! The fangs, blood or flawless complexion, each element of a vampire makes for a great tattoo subject and will never fail to catch the eye or strike fear into the hearts of others!
A brilliant portrait of actor Christopher Lee in his role as Count Dracula
Bram Stoker's Dracula by Steve Wimmer
Carlos Torres did this eerie female vampire!
Slightly scared by this tattoo...
A terrifying Marilyn Monroe vampire tattoo!!
Awesome vampire sleeve by Remis Tattoo
Vampire portrait by Jackie Rabbit
How about a Batman vampire?
Another Batman vampire piece
Evan Olin did this amazing Dracula tattoo!!
This tattoo is straight out of a child's nightmares!
Nikko Hurtado created this Lily Munster tattoo
A little less scary Dracula tattoo!!
Bit creepy this one...
Just a little unnerving! Awesome tattoo though!
Phil Young did this fantastic Dracula
Scary and well done... the perfect vampire tattoo!
Stunning vampire portrait by Nikko Hurtado
Vampire tattoos don't always have to be of a full vampire. How about what that just covers the essentials.
Incredible vampire fangs by Mike Devries
Freaky Colours nailed this fangs tattoo!!
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