21 Tattoos in Memory of the 21st Death Anniversary of Kurt Cobain

21 Tattoos in Memory of the 21st Death Anniversary of Kurt Cobain

A legend. An icon. This man spearheaded the grunge era inspired many.
Kurt Cobain is continuing to do so in the hearts of a million youths who can still feel his pulse reverberating through his music. 
Along with the other grunge fathers of his time, Kurt lead a following of juveniles who found a battle cry with Nirvana. I, myself is one of those youths who saw Kurt as an inspiration. And regardless of how glamorized grunge is and how overused the band logo is, Kurt, Krist and Dave didn't dream of being on the crop top of teenage girls who only heard 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' twice and thinks they're born in the wrong generation.
On the subject of tattoo, Kurt has only one known tattoo: a 'K' in a small shield logo on his arm. It stood for K Records, in which Kurt explains the tattoo would “to try and remind me to stay a child.”
K in a shield
Today is the 21st death anniversary of Kurt Donald Cobain, former lead singer of Nirvana. We'd like to pay our respects with a simple post, highlighting the short life of the self-proclaimed experienced simpleton through tattoos of dedicated fans.
Artist unknown.
Iceland Tattoo
by Justin Burnout of Ghost House Collective Derby, UK
by Vlad Tokmenin
by Daniel Pokorny of Forsaken Ink Tattoo in Bloomingburg, NY
by Daniel Bensmann
Lora Zombie art tattoo adaptation by scarsbyzek
by Frank Sanchez
Artist unknown.
by Max Kalashnikov
Artist unknown
by Andy Engel
by Robertoalejandr of Assassin Ink
by Samantha Ford
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
In addition to fan tattoos, here's a look at the present tattoos of his daughter, Frances Bean. Unlike her father, Frances has a number of tattoos all over her body.

Frances has the same 'K' tattoo as her mother, Courtney has on the abdomen part.
Kurt daughter tattoos
On her back, she has a portrait of Quentin Crisp and the French phrase, "L'art est la solution au chaos." which translates to "art is the solution to chaos".
kurt's daughter frances
On her right arm is a portrait of the comic character, Seymour Sunshine.
kurt's daughter frances
On both arms are the lyrics of Jeff Buckley's "Grace":

"There's the moon asking to stay / Long enough for the clouds to fly me away / Well it's my time coming, I'm not afraid to die."
photo by Hedi Slimane
Frances (L) has a similar tattoo on her wrist as her mother's (R), which is located across Courtney's upper torso. She also has a star on her wrist.
kurt's daughter frances and wife
On the side of her lower arm, she has a tattoo of the word 'Stardust'.
photo by Hedi Slimane
She also has a floral design on her right side.
photo by Hedi Slimane