25 Feather Tattoos That Are Totally Not Overrated

Feather tattoos are very popular, mostly among young women who wishes to achieve that 'carefree hippie' vibe.
They also imply a sense of emancipation and light semblance. It also looks less threatening than say, a skull with cross bones, mommy will probably let that one pass. Kidding aside, a feather tattoo is originally a symbol of death. But it also depends on the specific type of bird the feather is from. For example, owl feathers are believed to signify mystery and intelligence. Let's go back a bit with its Native American roots and animism.
Awesome feather tattoo, Artist unknown.
The feather tattoo can be traced back to mostly Native American origins, after all, feathers are often used in their rituals. The feather is a big deal to the Native American culture.  To them, the feather represents the spirit of the bird. This is why, in some movies, a falling feather serves as a harbinger of things to come.The feather is heavily associated with the spiritual realm. It's also used in clothing, tools, jewelry and many more.  Some people get feather tattoos to represent their Native American heritage.
Native American
There are many variations of feather tattoos such as dreamcatchers, headdresses and totem poles. Each has different meanings of their own.
Beautiful feather tattoo, Artist unknown.
Nowadays, feather tattoos are interpreted in many ways. From freedom to courage, everyone has their own version of the meaning behind their tattoos. I hear many people complaining about the lack of imagination with all these girls all getting tattooed with the typical feather exploding to birds and sh**. Well, that's just mean. But we definitely won't be blaming you if the poor girl has got it done by some scratcher.
Awesome feather tattoo, Artist unknown.
But all in all, overused and overrated or not, the feather is still a good choice for a tattoo. Artists always find ways in taking it up a notch, and come up with incredible ways in making a simple design stand out. Never ceases to amaze us.
by Alice Carrier of Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, OR.
This one's a simple, yet well-done design.
by Katie Shocrylas
A colorful one with newspaper font style / new school style.
by Carlos Breakone of Fine Heart Custom Ink
Another colorful one in a geometric design.
by Mark Matias
A simple design, well-done still.
by Lee Wagner
The jewel is a nice feminine touch!
by Myra Oh of Orange Park, FL
Can't go wrong with trads.
by Nancy Abraham
If you're going to get the feather-turning-into-birds anyway, make sure your artist nails it!
by Alice Kendall
Artist unknown.
A geometric design, if you're opting for a minimalist and semi-abstract style of feather tattoo.
by Diana Severinenko
by Melissa Daye of Agape Art Collective in Costa Mesa, CA
Two different styles by one talented artist. (Note: the peacock feather symbolizes immortality. Because the peacock is believed to possess flesh that does not decay after death. In India, they are the symbols of beauty, grace and prosperity.)
by Michael Kenny of London, Ontario
Bejeweled feathers look so glamorous.
by Josh Stephens
by Laura Black @ Firefly Tattoo, Indianapolis IN
by Jessica White of Reclamare Gallery & Custom Tattoo in Sacramento, CA.
Abstract/Photoshop style.
by Peter Madsen of Meatshop Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark
Intense work! This sacred geometry and feather sleeve is totally out of this world.
Awesome feather tattoo as a detail
Feather tattoo
Beautiful feather tattoo back piece
Feather tattoo, #tattrk #tattrxcom
All works by Dodie of L'Heure Bleue Studio, Lyon, FR. They're all equally beautiful with all those details and baroque design.
by Martin Tran of Chronic Ink Tattoos in Toronto, ON
A nice custom piece of a compass rose with crossed feathers.
Yet another spin to one of the most overused design today: pastel colors and fine lines.
Artist unknown.
Check out those plumes!
Artist unknown.
A bit of quote isn't all that bad.
by Lee Stewart
Brush stroke style is another way to go if you're not into geometrics.
Alain at Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee, FL
Celebrity feather tattoos
Dave Grohl
This pair of feather tatts is Dave's favorite, claiming that Kat von D (the artist) talked him into it.
Amy Winehouse
This eagle feather tattoo is one of the late singer's earliest tattoos.
Leona Lewis
Keeping it elegant and delicate with a light blue feather across her lower shoulder.
Erin Wasson
Model and actress Erin Wasson, keeping it interesting with a feather underboob ink.