25 Irresistible Panda Tattoos

25 Irresistible Panda Tattoos

Panda bear is one of the most popular animals, and indeed, panda tattoos are starting to be very popular too.

This peaceful black and white animal looks like a cute teddy bear. Also called the giant panda, they are found living only in China, although there are some "visiting" zoos across the world. They are very social animals that love to chow down on some delicious bamboo, the panda is a very positive symbol of Asian zen philosophy, of respect toward Nature, vegetarianism and cuteness. 

With its mix of white and black furs, the panda reminds people of the Yin and the Yang. As such, Panda tattoos are a great way to express serenity and harmony. In Asian culture, they are also lucky charms. But these meanings are not the only thing that makes panda tattoos so popular, even if they are the icing on the cake. It's that they are just so darn cute!

 Pandas have become very popular in contemporary art. It is a "kawaii" symbol par excellence, and you can find many cartoonish pandas in fashion, decoration, etc., coming from Japan. But beside its adorable reputation, what you need to remember is that it is a protected animal, and one of the world's most endangered species. Nature lovers often ink the panda logo of the World Wide Fund (WWF), an international organization which protects the environment. Love the panda bears, but respect and protect them too! If pandas are melting your heart so much they deserve a place of honor in your body, find some inspiration and cuteness overload in this selection of irresistible panda tattoos.

Cute dotwork panda by Zach Peacocks.
Painting effect by Voller Kontrast.
Adorable baby panda bear by Vesko...
Watercolor mother and baby by Tania Catclaw.
A more badass panda as a chestpiece by Tabuns.
Cool geometric panda tattoo by Sven Rayen!
Poetic piece by Sven Kleis.
Dapper panda by Renaud Delmaire.
Peek-a-boo! Panda hidden in a Japanese traditional bodysuit by Osmar.
The graphic art of Niko Inko.
Great realistic half sleeve by Micle Andersson.
Creative tattoo by Lukas Zglenicki.
Cosmic watercolor panda by Karl Marks.
Minimalistic tattoo by Kamil Mokot.
Very small panda finger tattoo by Jon Mesa.
Badass samurai panda by Jaroslaw Baka.
Is this cute panda willing to become a tattoo apprentice? by Guen Douglas.
Asian inspired piece by Gordon Combs.
Lovely hot-air balloon panda by David Côté...
One of the irresistible sumi-e panda tattoos done by Chen Jie...
Small baby panda by Catherine of Mystic Tattoos.
Another neo traditional dapper bear by Brian Povak.
Kung Fu Panda piece by Bolo.
Nice framed tattoo by Andrey Smolentcev.
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