25 Tasteful Behind the Ear Tattoos Part 1

Behind the ear tattoos seem to be more popular with the ladies: they're fun, cute & subtle. But men are catching up on the trend.
Behind the ear is a great place for a tattoo because it's a place on the head that is less threatening than a face tattoo and easier to hide in a work setting. Although you might want to consider all that buzz that'll get in your ear while getting tatted which you will experience intensely. The pain still varies from person to person as some describe it as a tickling sensation, some still claimed that theirs hurt like hell. The skin around it is pretty thin and delicate so you'll have to prepare yourself with how you'll take it. But don't let that stop you from giving it a go!
Behind the ear
Above are the more common behind the ear tattoos people get.
Check out this pretty fan behind this girl's ear. Really looks quite nice.

Things that fly~
May it be the fliers of the night,
Or some really pretty traditional birds.
Peter Pan
Keep Neverland close.
Tinker Bell
Do you believe in fairies?
Mary Poppins
For all the Mary Poppins fans out there :)
Eiffel Tower
Some more feminine designs.
Going simple with an ampersand.
Short words
Some short words to fill in the gaps.
Pastel Colors
Here's a personal favorite. A really lovely design in pastel colors with clean lines.

Suddenly itching for your own, unique, behind the ear tattoo? You know what to do.
Stay great, everyone!