32 Adventure Time Tattoos

32 Adventure Time Tattoos

When it comes to the glorious nonsense that is the cartoon Adventure Time, writer Nolan Feeny explains it well in a March 2013 article:
“Nobody really expected a cartoon featuring post-apocalyptic candy kingdoms and Korean-speaking unicorns to become a children’s-television success story. Nor did anybody expect that same show to be a success story with just about every other demographic out there, either.
But that’s exactly what happened to Adventure Time, an animated series following the exploits of Finn, a 14-year-old boy, and his best friend, Jake, a walking, talking and shape-shifting dog. Together, the pair has inspired a loyal legion of fans of that number in the millions. And, now in its fifth season, the show that began as a one-off animated web short is coming back to the medium on which it originally debuted: streaming video. Season one of Adventure Time will go live on Netflix Instant on March 30, with new episodes airing on Cartoon Network through December 2013. If you binged on House of Cards earlier this year, prepare your queue for a dose of trippy whimsy.” Click here to read Feeny’s complete article. To really get it you just have to watch it, and even then you probably won’t but that’s the best part! Random, exuberant, nonsense! Netflix has the first two seasons but they’re only available until 3/30/2015. Finn, Jake, Marceline and all the others from The Land of Ooo have invaded just about every part of society so it only makes sense that tattoos have been influenced by the show as well. Enjoy the Adventure Time INKspiration!
Adventure Time tattoo, artist unknown
With a color touch-up these thigh tattoos would be wonderfully loud, artist unknown.
Rainbow unicorn tattoo
Rainbow Unicorn forearm piece has a slight water color tattoo vibeartist unknown.
Peppermint Butler tattoo
Click here for more cute tattoos like this Peppermint Butler, artist unknown.
Black and grey Gunther tattoo
This is an adorable, feminine tattoo. Who did this cute black and gray Gunther?
Adventure Time tattoo sleeve by Ashleigh Argyle
Artist Ashleigh Argyle, vibrant AT forearm sleeve would bring a fun tattoo vibe to the work environment.
Adventure Time tattoo
LSP and her lovely lady lumps, artist unknown.
Colorful Adventure Time tattoo by Alex Strangler
Artist Alex Strangler, these crisp and clean tattoos that come as a pair, great color scheme.
By Dan Hartley
Artist Dan Hartley, Finn in a rose.
Peppermint Butler tattoo by Matt Daniels
Artist Matt Daniels, Peppermint Butler with BMO, clean and simple.
Adventure Time tattoo by Tom Wayden
Artist Tom Wayden, adventure doesn't have to end with age.
By Graig Foster
Artist Craig Foster, somebody ticked off the precious Tree Trunks!
Jake themed sugar skull tattoo
Love these identical Jake themed sugar skulls, artist unknown.
LSP tattoo
Everybody has those days, LSP has many, artist unknown.
Rainbow unicorn tattoo
Rainbow Unicorn as a rainbow! Artist unknown.
Rainbow unicorn tattoo
This outer-calf piece of Rainbow Unicorn makes for a great color tattoo, artist unknown.
By Sasha Unisex
Artist Sasha Unisex, impressive as always. Surreal Finn and Jake mash up, perfect placement.
Adventure Time tattoo by Jonika Miller
Artist Jonika Miller, Finn and BMO inside a galaxy colored Ice King.
By Dapper Ink Tattoo
Compilation of roses with Jake the dog as a sugar skull, done at Dapper Ink Tattoo.
Lumpy Space Princess tattoo
Awesome! Who tattooed this clever traditional themed design of a dagger piercing Lumpy Space Princess?

Personal Favorite, Marceline The Vampire Queen:
Marceline The Vampire Queen tattoo
Adventure Time tattoo
Artist unknown for both of these Marceline tattoos.
By Tre LaPole
Artist Tre LaPole, Marceline and Marshall Lee, meant to be.
Traditional style Marceline tattoo
Traditional styled Marceline and web, artist unknown.
Adventure Time tattoo
More into realism? Let us know who did these "grown up" forearm portraits themed after Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Think these two are better together?
By Marci Belloni
Artist Marci Belloni, the Vampire Queen who eats shades of red holding a pale apple.
Adventure Time tattoo
Great work! please tell us the artist. Love this spot for small detailed tattoos.
Marceline tattoo
This one is fantastic, let us know the artist behind this Marceline/Sex Pistols tattoo featured in Inked Magazine.

Let's end with some flash/fan art that would make some awesome tattoos!
Adventure Time
Marceline from Adventure Time
Adventure Time
Adventure Time
Adventure Time
If you visited the Land of Ooo, who would you be? Take the quiz.

Remember even if you're not the "sexiest adventurer in the world" like Tree Trunks "You're beautiful on the inside like...your brain and stuff."-Finn
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