These Music Tattoos As Sweet To Our Eyes As Music Is To Our Ears

These Music Tattoos As Sweet To Our Eyes As Music Is To Our Ears

We’re tuning into some rad music tattoos that hit all the right notes

Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world, it can straight up change your life. It just makes sense that the world is full of music tattoos, just as it is full of the sound of music. I know all too well the power music has to alter the course of a person’s life because it happened to me when I was a wee lad. I was about 11 years old and hadn’t really gotten into music as such. But one summer, my step-sister went to live with her real mother and left behind her cassette copy of Tom Tom Club’s

Dark Sneak Love Action –

and my life was never the same.

From the haunting opening notes of “Love Wave” to the outro of “Daddy Come Home,” every single note on that album opened my eyes to what it meant to be a human just as it opened my heart to emotions I had never felt. That album made me who I am today.

Dark Sneak Love Action got me so into music that I’ve actually made it a point not to ever listen to anything else, in fear that it might lessen what music is to me. “To each his own” I’ve always said, and what I consider mine in this sense is the beautiful music Tom Tom Club made in 1992.

In honor of my love for music, I wanted to present to you some music tattoos that do a wonderful job of visually representing something that is only detectable to our ears. These colorful pieces remind us that music is all around us and you can find it wherever you listen, if you want. I choose not to do that, instead letting music exist solely in a well worn cassette I stole from my step-sister in my youth. Whatever your personal relationship with music, I think we can all agree these tattoos are like music to our eyes. 

Watercolor music tattoo #watecolor #music #gkey #musictattoo
Music tattoos by Kelsey #musictattoo #musictattoos #watercolor
Music tattoos in trash polka style by truemmertattoo #musictattoo #trashpolka #music #bassclef
Stylish music tattoos. Photo by unleashed210 of deviantart #musictattoo #notesheet
Musical thigh garter tattoo. Artist unknown #music #musictattoos #gartertattoo #garter
A cute bass clef and G-clef heart tattoo #trebleclef #bassclef #heartshaped
A nice variation of the usual feather-into-birds tattoo #musictattoos #trebleclef
Wicked sleeve covered in music tattoos. This one's for the musician in heart and soul #sleeve #music #musictattoos
There's just something about paint dripping style that make tattoos stand out #trebleclef #gkey #music
Guitar tattoo #guitar #music # musictattoo #electricguitar #backpiece
Pegbox and music sheets tattoo. Artist unknown #music #musictattoos #pegbox
Retro mixtapes tattoo. Artist unknown #tape #mixedtape #music #musictattoos
Creative music and heart tattoo #heart #anatomicalheart #music #musictattoo #piano #trumpet
Boom box tattoo. Artist unknown #boomblaster #boombox #rose #music #musictattoo
Guitar tattoo by Mikki Bold #Fender #Jazzbass #guitar #guitartattoo #musictattoo
Music tattoo. Unknown artist #sound #music #city #skyline

These wonderful music tattoos really remind us that we are truly blessed to live in a world of music. So why not put on your favorite song and just take a moment to enjoy what it is to exist on this beautiful planet.

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