5 Beautiful Linework Geometric Animal Tattoos

5 Beautiful Linework Geometric Animal Tattoos

Geometric animal tattoos have come to the fore in recent years but it's the line-art variations which carry such beautiful cleanness.
It makes them stand out even more so than they fully shaded counterparts. With a massive increase in the demand for geometric tattoos, a sub section of this style is gaining prominence, fast.
Only a handful of tattoo artists have graced this sub-style best known for its solid hand drawn line work, where a delicate touch and nerves of steel are a must.Line art tattoos are unassuming in detail but pieced together with geometric precision they stand out wonderfully to make these awesome pieces of art.
Paul O’Rourke – AllStar Ink – Limerick, Ireland
One of the main proponents of this style is Russian artist Diana Katsko, whose work has become synonymous amongst line art tattoo artists has taken the principle of the art and taken it to a whole new level in portraits of celebrities and like examples here, in animal form.
Guadalupe Carlota - GC Tattoo – Mexico City, Mexico
Diana Katsko - Volgograd, Russia
Ien Levin – Kiev, Ukraine
James Nidecker – New Amsterdam Tattoo – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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