7 Time Honoured Traditional Sleeves

7 Time Honoured Traditional Sleeves

Traditional or old school tattoos are famed for bold lines, striking colour, heavy shading and there all round vintage look.
At one time they were the staple of the tattoo world, if you were getting a tattoo there was a good chance it would be one of a select few; a skull, dagger, anchor, ship, swallow etc. But obviously times changed and so to did tattooing, it changed from sticking to the same old style tattoos to what it is today, an art form that incorporates pritty much anything it wants to.
Nevertheless traditional and old school tattoos are still as popular as they have ever been. Is it because they hark back to the early days of western tattooing or because they just look badass? Traditional tattoos are just simply awesome. Whether they are inspired by the old navy style of Sailor Jerry or the famed Don Ed Hardy traditional tattoos never fail to make an awesome tattoo. They are a timeless form of tattooing that will surely continue to be an ever present feature in the world of body art. So lets celebrate there beauty by looking at seven of the best traditional sleeves around!!
A brilliant Sailor Jerry style sleeve!
Dan Santoro did these amazing traditional sleeves!
Fantastic old school work by Ben Fraser
A fine example of traditional tattoo styles
Myke Chambers did these final two sleeves. Such awesome work and talent!!
Beautiful traditional tattoo style sleeve
Stunning traditional pirate sleeve
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