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Following our Human Billboards article, Hostgator Dotcom (Billy Gibbs) agreed to a little chat about his experience in tattoo advertisement, family life and what's in for him in the future.

Courtesy of HostGator Dotcom
Courtesy of HostGator Dotcom

Like what we've mentioned before, Hostgator/Billy is so unlike what one would expect him to be. The tattoos are only a part of his job description. He's a really nice guy who has a lot to say about life and giving. He's also just a normal family man who loves his Patriots. He also talked about the things he's done outside of tattoo advertising, such as the organ donations and his little girl.

Courtesy of HostGator Dotcom
Courtesy of HostGator Dotcom

Since his skinvertising days, Hostgator/Billy has gotten most of his facial tattoo ads removed. He can often be seen wearing a cap to hide some that's left. But he claims that people treat him nicer, now holding an office job.

Read on for a closer look behind the tattooed man of HostGator.com.

Courtesy of Hostgator Dotcom
Courtesy of Hostgator Dotcom

We love the story behind this. How you decided on doing this for your kids. Real kudos. Can you share something about the experience,despite the negativity of ignorant people? Thank you, I appreciate the kind words from you. I learned a lot about how judgemental our society is. I didnt realize to the degree that people judge one another simply by looks. I can't tell you how many times that people looked at me like I was going to kill them just simply beacuse of the tattoos on my face. I also learned who my true friends are so to speak. When you look different than what society thinks the norm is, many people who used to be my friends wouldn't go near me. The people that stayed my friends were the people that don't judge others and those are the kind of friends that I wanted anyway.

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That's quite an insight. Because it's actually no joke compared to kids who get tattooed drunk. Now, it seems like you've had some of them removed. How's life now? It would be great if you can share a bit of what goes on. Are you still active in the skinvertising field? That is true it wasn't a joke. I did it for my family. I felt it was a sacrifice I was willing to go through in order to keep my family from being homeless. I have had several laser removal treatments. I have a few more left until they are all off of my face. I am treated very different already even though not all of my face tattoos are completely off. People are much nicer to me now and I don't get as many scared looks as I used to get. mainly it was the older generation that looked down on me. The younger generation is much more open to new and different things. I haven't tattoo-advertised recently. I am open to it on other parts that are not my face or neck. I have been working a lot recently and with five kids, I haven't had much time to email websites to see if they would be interested in advertising on me. I would be very open to advertising for more companies though like I said not on my face though.

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That's great. Tattoos really can open opportunities as much as it can discourage them. It's an ever changing generation. How does your kids feel about it? That's so true. Tattoos did keep my family from being homeless for a long time. It is kinda funny my kids love my tattoos and my daughter, princes; yeah, that's her name, she is five years old. She cries because she wants the tattoos back on my face. She is very upset that they are getting taken off. It's very sweet, she loves me for being her daddy and doesn't care about my looks and that's a kind thing.

Sweet! That's far from the 'scary tattooed guy' label. It's a totally different thing with who is beneath all that ink. Last thing, what's next for you? (And if you'd like to add some things, please do. I can't thank you enough for helping us out in this.)

No worries, anything I can do to help is cool with me. I am very far from scary or at least, I would like to think. I have donated 25 gallons of blood, so far at the blood bank. I donated a kidney to a stranger and have donated bone marrow. What's next for me well, I would like to help my family and children grow up to be who they want to be and not what others want them to be. I would like to advance in my career and continue to try and help others. I love to do what I can to help others.

We would like to thank Mr. Billy Gibbs/Hostgator Dotcom for the lovely chat. If people were books, he's definitely a good read, never mind the ads on the cover. Hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.



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