Are Tattoos Really A Sign Of A Mid-Life Crisis?

Are Tattoos Really A Sign Of A Mid-Life Crisis?

Tattoos and people who have them have been linked to countless different processes, concepts and judgements.
You won't get a job if you have tattoo, only criminals and gang members have them, they make you look scary, any person with a tattoo would have heard such things and also knows how they are completely untrue. More recently however there has been increase in the judgement that tattoos are clearly a sign of a person having a mid-life crisis.
Admittedly such an occurrence does happen, people turn a certain age and think getting a tattoo will make it all better, but nevertheless this is certainly not true about every middle aged person who gets tattooed. In truth it is a rather broad generalisation to claim tattoos as a sign of a mid-life crisis.
A recently published article, which you can read here, went as far to offer the following statement:
"It was once a badge of youthful rebellion. These days, however, sporting a tattoo is just as likely to be an indelible sign of a mid-life crisis" 
She's over fifty and has tattoos does this mean she's having a personal crisis??
Of course the articles statement is probably more a personal opinion than a general consensus but it is still one of a warped view, purely because someone over the age of 50 has a tattoo or is getting tattooed does not mean they are in some form of personal crisis. Is there some unspoken rule that means if you get tattooed over a certain age you are in a mid-life crisis... no obviously not. Tattoos are not restricted to one specific period of your life when you can get them. The above article also draws attention to the question of existing tattoos, if you already have one it will be there for ever, we all know that, but does this then mean when you turn 50 it will automatically deemed to be a sign of a mid-life crisis??
Tattoos last a long time, they'll still be there when your older. But that doesn't mean your in a mid-life crisis!
Tattoos are an art form like any other the only difference is that it is on your body, a woman can turn 50 and buy a painting to celebrate, will questions be asked? Probably not, another woman turns 50 and gets a tattoo to celebrate, will questions be asked of her? Most probably! Sadly it seems we live in a time where even when tattoos are accepted they are still equally judged. At the end of the day if a person wants a tattoo they want a tattoo, regardless of what age they maybe as long as they are legal to get it why shouldn't they. Yes, some people may get tattooed for the wrong reasons but generalising any middle aged person with tattoos as being in crisis is perhaps a bit of a misjudgement.
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