Artist Spotlight: Unbelievably Realistic Tattoos By Ilya Fominykh

Artist Spotlight: Unbelievably Realistic Tattoos By Ilya Fominykh

You won't believe what this young Russian tattoo artist is able to do! Ilya Fominykh (Илья Фоминых), also known as "Fom" will show you.
He is living in Kazan, Russian Republic of Tatarstan, and working in the aptly named shop "Good Work Tattoos" (ХОРОШАЯ РАБОТА). Good, that's even putting it mildly! Already known by a wide audience outside Russia, Fom is specializing in hyper realistic color tattoos.
No, they are not photoshopped, nor fake! His technique and use of vibrant colors have nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to internationally famous realistic tattoo masters. Enough said, the pictures are worth a hundred words. Be prepared to be astounded by these incredibly realistic tattoos by Ilya Fominykh.
This owl looks so real!?
This natural scene is jaw-dropping!!
Breath-taking portrait!
How badass is this Ganesh backpiece???
Part of a cover up sleeve...
Amazing work in progress and cover up...
By Ilya Fominykh
Hypnotizing mermaids half sleeve...
Spooky and sexy at the same time.
By Ilya Fominykh
OMG! This scene is astounding!!
Ilya Fominykh receiving a prize for one of his tattoo in a Russian tattoo convention.
If you want something well done, do it yourself! Ilya Fominykh enjoys tattooing himself!
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