Artist Spotlight : Watercolor Tattoos by Anki Michler

Artist Spotlight : Watercolor Tattoos by Anki Michler

Anki Michler is tattooing in Hambourg, Germany in tattoo shop Tattoo Freestyle.
The 23 years old illustrator and graphic tattoo artist has got her very own style, mixing personal illustrations with vibrant watercolor painting effects. Her portfolio is full of animals, seascapes and neo-traditional portraits of young women. She is inspired by Nature, as well as movies, fantasy and surrealism. If you have a weakness for watercolor tattoos but wish something more personal than the pieces raging on the internet, you should take a look at the eye-catching work of Anki Michler, very joyful, poetic and full of tenderness.
The young generation of tattoo artists is really connected with classic arts and has its own visual identity.
Dynamic Wonder Woman tattoo!
Iconic couples from cult fantasy movies, Dracula and Edward Cissorhands.
Poetic nautical tattoo.
The heroines of Anki Michler are often tattooed themselves.
A client with many beautiful tattoo by the young artist.
The lovely Anki Michler herself.
Awesome portrait!
Poetic ocean-themed fantasy tattoo !
Beautiful portrait
Cute rabbit.
Awesome sketching design tattoos
Incredible piece of art!
Beautiful girl tattoo
60s model Twiggy inspired tattoo.
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