AWESOME STUNT: Samuele Briganti does a hand-poked color tattoo

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NO MACHINE, JUST A NEEDLE, a set of INKS and ESSENCE - Samuele Briganti.

Samuele is one of the most celebrated traditional Tattoo artists of the world, from Orbetello, Italy, wows his fans once more with an awesome wisdom-packed interview while smoking a joint, talking about ART, Tattoos & the Life of a tattooer while demonstrating a hand-poked tattoo that looks so fine! Filmed & edited by Fabio Grande, presented by F + A Studio Collective, this short film is packed with awesome bright & bold tattoos plus a lovely, dreamy soundtrack by independent musicians worth listening to. Watch, learn & enjoy! :-)

 "The Hand-poked tattoo, without any machine, is extremely fascinating. It's the beginning of it all."

mamma tattoo by samuele
mamma tattoo by samuele

Hand-poked tattoo by Samuele Briganti. See the video to know how many dots it took!



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