Can You Steal A Tattoo?

Can You Steal A Tattoo?

A simple enough question, but one most people have probably never thought of; can you steal a tattoo?
At first glance the question seems easy enough to answer, at the end of the day tattoos are attached to a person so how in reality can you steal one? The answer in truth lies in the act of getting a tattoo but leaving without paying for it.
RedINC owner Joanne Baum wants what's owed
On March 23rd such an incident occurred at RedINC tattoo parlour in Luton, England. After being tattooed for roughly six hours a mid-twenties male simply walked out the shop after paying just £50 out of the £200-300 he owed. Not to mention he also helped himself to £1000 from behind the shops front desk. While it is clear a crime was committed, the incident has also brought attention to the fact that tattoo theft is in fact a real thing, and perhaps the worst thing you can do to a tattoo artist!!
Let's face it, the artist who did the tattoo spent six hours of constant work creating a permanent piece of art only to have their efforts thrown back in their face. What could be more disrespectful!
The tattoo thief and his unpaid ink!!
So then, can you steal a tattoo? The answer is YES! And it is the ultimate insult to the artist, so next time you get some ink remember to respect the artist and PAY!
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