Celebrating Divorce With A Tattoo

Celebrating Divorce With A Tattoo

Let's put that bitter exaggeration (which I have no idea where it came from) aside and cut to the chase. Divorce tattoos!
They say you're doing it wrong when you get a spouse's name tattooed on you. Because unlike tattoos, lovers may come and go but the ink will stay with you. So it's probably not a good idea to get your skin commit to a portrait of your other half. Love has this beer goggles effect which disarms the sufferer to consider reasonable thinking and cause them to act on impulse and illusion.
Okay, maybe some of you may be shaking their heads in unison as I speak, but hear me out. 'Why the hell would you get a tattoo for an equally stupid reason, reminding yourself of what you fu**ed up with in life?' That's not actually the point here, rather these people who's been catching up on the divorce tattoo tags.
Miley Cyrus
And if you're hoping for some mind blowing, pieces of art that's bound to rethink your life choices, I'm going to shake off that haze off your expectations. Instead, we'll be showing you some personal pieces of different individuals which they've gotten under tough circumstances such as that of a failed relationship. They chose to get these tattoos not necessarily to remember the person themselves, but to remind themselves of the rough times they have gotten through and to uplift them for the challenges to come.
The Fierce Women
For big mistakes
In Joelle Caputa's website that aims to empower young divorcees, TrashThatDress, she has caught the attention of many young divorcees as she compiles dozens and dozens of divorce tattoos and tattoos inspiration in her blog. In a way, this is her way of coping with her own personal hurt. The following are featured in her blog.
Abbie's beautiful koi divorce tattoo.
A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. Divorced tattoo
Be happy, lettering tattoo
This too shall pass, lettering tattoo
Sometimes you need to let things go, lettering tattoo
I refuse to sink, divorce tattoo
And though she be but little, she is fierce
Divorce tattoo
You better not bitter, let your past make. Divorce tattoo
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
Some words to help you get through.
Free as a bird (Swedish). Divorce tattoo
The Free Men
photo of Vince Sinisi
Vince describes the shoulder tatt as,

"This one to cover her name,"
photo of Vince Sinisi
To which he adds about the following tattoo on the same arm,

"and this is what I hope happens to her."
photo of Draggin AssCustoms Owner/Facebook
This fierce divorced man thought of a funny way to work around the tattoo of the name of his ex-wife on his abdomen. Yep, that's Calvin pissing on it.
Jerry NA tattoo
After his divorce, Jerry got this 'NA' tattoo on where his wedding ring used to be, which means 'Never Again' to get married, that is.
by Jesse at Wingnut in Anoka, MN
This dad found an awesome way to heal his heart: an awesome traditional style anchor tattoo paired with a Bible verse which says,

"3 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope."
Hoover tattoo
Nick Cannon cover up
Check out Nick Cannon's cover up of his large "MARIAH" back tattoo.

With these kinds of tattoos, let us be the one to say beforehand that there are some things you should consider before going through with it. Although it way boost your self-esteem, strengthen you in a way and push you with the permanent reminder about how life goes on, you should be careful with what exactly you're going to get. Because we doubt your future spouse, if there may be, would have a liking at a tattoo that promotes being single and uncommitted (i.e. a tattoo that says 'Free Man' or 'single as a pringle'). Don't let hate or bitterness overshadow the fact that you're moving on to a happier chapter in your life.
The divorce tattoo tags may go and increase, so if you've made up your mind and are looking for a more unique and artistic way to incorporate the positive changes you wish to make in your life after this kind of shattering event in your life, you know what to do.
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