Intricate Black & Grey Tattoos by Anderson Luna

Intricate Black & Grey Tattoos by Anderson Luna

You may have noticed the influx of New York tattooers we've been covering on our blog as of late...
there's too much great artwork coming out of this place, it's kind of hard to disregard. What else can we expect from the greatest city in the world?
Born and raised New Yorker Anderson Luna is a resident among the many talented artists at Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He specializes in black and grey tattooing, focusing on religious iconography, ornament, script, figurative and illustrative portraiture. Anderson has a knack for making a black and grey piece pop off a clients skin, elegantly smooth are his designs, with an intricate amount of detail and signature white highlight. For those of you that covet fancy monochrome stylings, Anderson Luna is most definitely an artist to follow.
Check out some of his beautiful work below!
female realistic tattoo
black and grey saint tattoo
black and grey inspired tattoo
skull on fire black and grey
floral patterns tattoo
life and death, female with a skull
black and grey om tattoo
blackandgrey detailed tattoo
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