Spiritual Trance & Magical Tattoos At The Annual Thai Tattoo Festival

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Traditional hand-poked tattoo performed by Buddhist monks: Spiritual Trance & Magical Tattoos At The Annual Thai Tattoo Festival

Witness how magical Sak Yant tattoos are manually done by badass tattooed buddhist monks and see guys go on a spiritual trance in the annual Thai Tattoo festival held at the Wat Bang Phra temple where hundreds of devotees gather to receive their powerful tattoos. The Thais believe that these tattoos possess magical powers and those who bear it and does good deeds thereafter earns its powers.

We've discussed Hand-poked tattoos in the previous blog where this was featured, so now let's take a deeper look at Sak Yant tattoos through an awesome docu-video presented by Vice Japan to show us what's up and why travelers from all over the world partake in this glorious event. Watch, learn & enjoy! ;-)


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    Sak Yant ("Sacred tattoo") is a traditional hand-poked tattoo performed by Buddhist monks that's said to possess spiritual powers as it is infused with buddhist prayers and enchantments during the process of application. See video to learn more! :-)

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