Street Art-Inspired Tatoos

You can call the way of tattooing as a graffiti to the body. Like tattoos, street art doesn't fit in everyone's aesthetics.
What's vandalism to one, is a piece of art to another. And taking the art from the streets to the skin is a great way to expand art from the confinements of the urban settings. If you're going to vandalize your temple anyway, why not stir things up a bit and take that Blek le Rat down in a canvass that only death can demolish.
Street art and tattoos have a lot in common. Aside from being the object of displeasure among the artistically ignorant, they are both forms of public art. Both are also against what is usually considered as norm and yet, they're going strong and riding the waves of whatever the hands of their makers can dream of. The world of art is only as big as the artists's mind, body and soul.
While tattooing has been climbing rapidly onto the mainstream terrain, the same cannot be said with street art. Although both has seen some radical metamorphosis in the present day, due to the rocky nature of street art, there are still many who get arrested each year compared to all the losers who can afford tattoo guns and think they can do without proper training.
I admit that I've dipped my fingers in street art now and then, out of curiosity. I've done my bit of stickerbombing and installation art and I have to say that it's a nice deviation from the usual pen and paper and ink. Street art makes you feel a whole new different thing in a wider perspective because it gives you the unofficial access of the world as your playground.
And as for legalities, it's difficult to say for now because the Copyright Act regarding street art is still in debate. But the rule of thumb with art and basically, a no-brainer is you don't take credit from some thing you didn't fu**ing do. If you're a tattoo artist recreating a street art into tattoo, it should be already given that you mention the artist your client took inspiration from. Not every street artist is Banksy, whose art these days almost needs no introduction in the community.

We are showing love to street art through these dope tattoos.
Let's start with the basics: paint cans.
The scenes depicting the life and nights of a street artist.
Check out these handstyles
And these gorgeous calligraffiti
Straight from the walls of the cities
Showcasing street art's finest
Custom street art-inspired pieces
Almost as if they're straight out of the street of the hoods
Mamma Mia.

And don't forget these sleeves!