Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of Brian M. Viveros

Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of Brian M. Viveros

Painter Brian M. Viveros is a reference both in the world of art and tattoo.
This self-made artist started his career doing science-fiction pornography and underground comics before turning to painting. His art is a celebration of women, and especially badass ones. Brian M. Viveros' sexy pin-ups and femmes fatales are practicing boxing, war and bullfighting. Covered in blood and tattoos, they seem ready to fight, but their provocative pout suggest they also enjoy sex. Acclaimed, Viveros is indeed a great inspiration for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers, who wish to keep his art with them permanently. Fans of boxing and of spanish culture of course, but also men who love tough ladies and women who want to show their bad girl side. Tattoo artists are always proud to show their copies to the master, who is always very cheering. The most iconic tattoo inspired by his work is indeed the one Rich Pineda did on pornstar and tattoo collector Jenna Jameson, always inked by the best. Are you a fan of the artist yourself? Or do you wish to discover it? What better way than looking for some of the best tribute of tattoo to the art of Brian M. Viveros?
The absolute reference when it comes to tattoos inspired by Brian M. Viveros (as well as sexy ladies) is indeed David Corden.
A bad girl tattoo on a bad girl... The art of Viveros, inked by Rich Pineda on pornstar Jenna Jameson.
A better view on the tattoo by Rich Pineda.
Men enjoy the sexy look of Brian's heroines, but women like to ink them to show their badass side. Tom Hoops photography.
By XBTattoo.
Impressive Viveros sleeve by Tattoo by Alex.
The work of Nikko Hurtado.
A version without cigarette and with the original brand name, by Marcin Rogal Roguszka.
By Molnár Ádám.
By our friend Megan Massacre.
Cool Liberty Statue girl by Kyle Cotterman.
By Khan.
Neck tattoo by Josh Hagan.
One of the most famous design of Brian M. Viveros, tattooed by John Anderton.
By Italo Esquivel.
By Hiram Casas.
Looks great in black and grey too. By Eliot Kohek.
A framed and healed one by Electric Alivia.
Octopussy by Chris Jones.
By Carlox.
By Bryan Merck.
Sexy tattoo by Benjamin Laukis.
For your inspiration, the art of Brian M. Viveros.
Sensual portrait by Brian M. Viveros
Brilliant, don't you think?
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