The 10 Most Hipster Tattoos Ever

The 10 Most Hipster Tattoos Ever

If you go on Tumblr or Instagram, chances are you've come across over a dozen photos of these hipsters who could pass off as models.
With a couple tattoos here and there (Preferably on the wrist and nape area). Most of them don't seem to even have any job and yet, they show up with a new tattoo every week.
[Note: This is a satire post. Everything written here is not entirely true. Dear hipsters, we are not attacking you. It's all purely satire. In fact, the writer of this post can be a bit hipster, actually.]
1. The Infinity Sign
The white girl tattoo must-have.
Infinity tattoo
Infinity tattoo
2. The Birds Sillhouette
It makes me feel so free. Can't you tell by the birds that are miserably trying to find a way out of my skin?
3. The Feather
Feather tattoo
The Native Americans probably  didn't foresee that their sacred symbol will someday be on the back of an 18-year-old girl who thinks a feather tattoo would look good with her new bikini.
As if the feather isn't enough, look, it explodes into tiny birds too.
4. The Mustache
The classic hipster staple. Don't you think it'll be hilarious to place it on the side of my finger just so I could take a selfie with my very own tattooed mustache?
5. The Dreamcatcher
Again, I apologize to the Native American culture.
6. The 'deep, deep' phrases/lyrics
Come drown in my deepness. See my pain through a quote I found on Tumblr.
The more obscure, the better.
7. The anchor
I refuse to (s)ink.
8. The Owl
Owls suddenly became the most coolest birds ever.
9. The Triangle
10. Other Geometric Symbols
Geometric tattoo design
Geometric tattoo design
Doesn't necessarily has to mean something. But it does make me look like I know more about geometry that I didn't learn in high school.
Again, satire post. Not healthy to take every damn thing seriously. We don't give a rat's fart if you're hipster or not, or if you dig these tatts or not. All that matters is your tattoo and what it means to you is yours and no anti-mainstream panel of pretentious judges can take that away from you.

The tattoos shown above are actually good. Credit to their respective artists.
But seriously, folks. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get any of these tattoos. It's just that they've gotten really popular and everybody seems to be getting them these days that they start having all these negative associations with them. Getting them doesn't really make you more of a 'hipster' (unless that's what you're going for), nor does it make you stereotypical. Tattoos are not a one-size-fits-all type of thing, one (or a couple hundred) tattooed person can't speak for all. You can get a small, common design or you can get a larger, custom piece but as long as you go to the right place for a tattoo and you're not stealing off someone else's work, you're good.
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