The Yin Yang Tattoo

The Yin Yang Tattoo

A yin yang tattoo is a classic, simple design either to be used as a conceptual custom piece or as decorative fillers.
It's usually associated with Chinese symbols. While some regard it as a spiritual mark which embodies the balance of good and evil in them.
Awesome shoulder Yin Yang Tattoo
The yin yang is probably the most known concept in Taoism. The 'yin' represents the dark side, while the 'yang' represents the light side. The yin and yang can vary with interpretations. Despite what the symbol may suggest, the yin and yang aren't complete opposites of e of ach other. And unbeknownst to most, the symbol that represents the yin yang isn't originally called the yin yang. It's actually called the Taijitu. Blame it on the westerners.
Explanation of Yin Yang
Basically, that's what the yin yang is most-known for: to represent the light in your darkness, and the darkness in your light. It symbolizes balance in the soul. But the yin yang tattoo does not begin and end with that. In Chinese symbolisms, the yin yang can vary and mean different things, depending on which position the yin yang is angled towards and what elements it is incorporated with.
Chinese symbolisms Ying Yang
The yin yang isn't as simple as many think it, either. It has a lot more than its monochromatic and minimalist emblem. Watch this video to dig deeper about the meaning of yin yang.
It's always a good thing to research further with the tattoos you're going to get, even if it's a symbol as common as the yin yang. One of the best things about getting a tattoo inspired by different culture is the process of immersion. You absorb what that particular symbol meant to those who came before you. In that way, you're literally injecting a piece of their culture into your skin.

Here are some of the ways artists are giving yin yang tattoos a spin.
The Classic Absolutely nothing wrong with keeping the original style of the Taijitu. It's simple, neat and best when done proportionally. Not everyone can create an almost perfect yin yang symbol.
Yin yang tattoo, Artist unknown.
Clean yin yang tattoo, Artist unknown.
Creative yin yang tattoo, Artist unknown.
Matching yin yang tattoos
Mandalas Merging the yin yang symbol with the mandala and with the sacred geometric style is a great idea, considering the spiritual roots of bother signs.
Yin Yang mandala tattoo
Awesome yin yang mandala tattoo
Beautiful linework tattoo of mandala and yin yang
Creative yin yang tattoo
Yin Yang mandala tattoo
White tattoo of yin yang
Animal forms Animal-inspired yin yang tattoos has been getting mad popular these days. With the many forms artists can come up with, it's just getting started.
by Blake Thomas Kennedy
Animal-inspired yin yang tattoo
by yayzus
by Charon Henning
by Sergey Malloy
by Jesse Lockard
Fish inspired yin yang tattoo
Animal-inspired yin yang tattoo
Watercolor/Brushstroke styles Both the watercolor and brushstroke styles in tattoos can be good ideas if you have the right artist to do the job. They don't come on too strong and getting them together with an equally light element like a yin yang symbol definitely exudes calm, artistic vibes.
by Jay van Gerven
Done by Emanuel from Shall Adore Tattoo in London, England
by Rodrigo Tas
brushstroke style yin yang tattoo
brushstroke style matching tattoo
Various Aside from the usual inclusion of the yin yang symbol in oriental tattoos, people have been coming up with ways to get more creative with the symbol. Playing with colors, switching styles and incorporating pop culture. That's one of the good things in tattoos; with an imagination and enough skills, tattooing can be an endless experience.
This is so cool, yin yang dreamcatcher!
Can't go wrong with trads.
Full backpiece tattoo with Yin yang
Abstract yin yang tattoo
Yin yang tattoo
Beautiful, colorful piece
Check out this Beavis and Butthead yin yang tatt!
Awesome and creative yin yang tattoo
Nature inspired yin yang tattoo
We believe the artist community can come up with more creative ways in turning this prominent symbol into far more mind-blowing pieces of art. Challenge our Tattoodo artists!
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