Things Tattooed Parents Are Sick of Hearing

Things Tattooed Parents Are Sick of Hearing

I've rounded up some of the worst things people have asked and said to tattooed parents. Some of these things can't even be serious.
For crying out loud, we live in the 21st-fu**ing-century and yet, the world is still overpopulated with ignorant people. Whose mindsets seem to have frozen at a time when tattoos are done in covert operations in which you decide to get inked at your own risk. They just can't let go of the fact that not all tattooed people nowadays come from gangs or just got out prison. People have already gotten over Justin Timberlake's noodle hair and even Justin Bieber's song "Baby", so why in the world can they not get over this stigma, too?
"Don't you want to cover those?"
Tattooed parents: No, no, no..
I gladly would, if you would just cover your mouth also.

"Your children are going to end up in prison/a gang because of your tattoos."
Tattooed father
I didn't know they had conclusive studies of the link between the presence of tattoo in parents and its long-term effects to their offspring. Enlighten me.

"You know, they're gonna be there for life."
Burned area
In which Ellen replies with, "So is your face and I don't insult you on that, do I?"

"Since when did you got out on parole?" (to someone who's never even been arrested for DUI, let alone jail)
Tattooed father
I think I might spend a night in the shutter today, if you would keep going.

"You're setting a bad example for your kids."
Tattooed parents
At least I won't be teaching them to be judgmental little shits like you.

"You're raising delinquents."
Tattooed father
Do you actually kiss your kids with that mouth?

"They don't wash off."
Is that so? I had no idea. I owe you one for telling me sooner.

"When you get older and your tattoos are faded, what will your grandkids say?"
"Grandma, I want to be a cool as you when I grow up."
"You spend more money on ink than for your kids."

"You'll regret that when you're older."
If I get a dollar for every time somebody's told me that, I swear I could have travelled halfway around the world to get a Niki Norberg piece in the morning then have a Nikko Hurtado by night.

"I'd get them lasered now if I were you."
News flash: you're not.

"What kind of motorcycle do you have?"
photo by CucombreLibre
Here's a picture of me driving away from you.

"I won't allow my kids to play with yours."
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife
I feel so sorry for your kids, having someone like you to raise them.

"Does this mean you're going to let you're daughter have tattoos, too?"
Monami Frost
It's really up to her.

"You'd never get a real job with that tattoo."
Daniel Agger
You were saying?

"Tattoos are sin. You're going to burn in hell for that."
"Women shouldn't have tattoos."
Tattooed mom
Yeah, I really think they shouldn't either.

"Your family must be really proud!"
Tattooed family
Oh, trust me, they are.

Thank you to Mr. Roberts, Ms. McDougall, Ms. Donahue, Ms. Kerry, Mr. Lu and the awesome parents of Tattooed Parents. New Generation. for their lovely responses.