This Charmander Tattoo A Guy Got While Drunk Won the Internet

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Getting tattooed while you're a total shitfaced wreck is always, always going to be one hell of a hangover...

As of now, there's still no medical research available yet as to how drunk you have to be to be willing to get a damn awful tattoo. Clearly, trashed as fu**. That's exactly what happened to yet another tattoo casualty, where just a couple days ago, a Reddit user uploaded this photo online of his mate who obviously suffered from a heavy case of intoxication and decided that it would be a good idea to tattoo himself under the influence.

yllwsnow2 / Reddit
yllwsnow2 / Reddit

Just a tattoo? No sir, it would have to be magnificent; make it a damn Pokemon. A fire type to be exact. Yes, yes that's it.


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    Charmander pokémon
    Charmander pokémon

    The friend claimed that his totally drunk buddy was on  the anxiety medication when he decided to add some cool shit on his skin. When fellow Redditors raised their eyebrows and questioned the guy's friend why they didn't stop him he replied, ‘He woke up the next morning and asked his friend why he didn’t stop him. His friend said he tried multiple times.’

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    yllwsnow2 / Reddit
    yllwsnow2 / Reddit

    At least he's not driving.

    Tim Burton style Charmander art
    Tim Burton style Charmander art

    Reddit users pointed out how the tattoo looked a lot like a Tim Burton style Charmander fan art that's been circulating online.

    Well, the internet seemed to have reacted normally, like it should.
    Charmander pokémon
    Charmander pokémon

    Totally normal to put this magnificent tattoo on a mug, also.

    Or on a mouse pad.

    Or into a stuff toy, right? Kids will love it. I know I do.

    Frame it.

    Turn it into necklace, since it's my new spirit animal.

    I want it on my engagement ring, dammit!

    As a huge Pokemon fan, I have mixed feelings about this. Failed so hard, it won my heart. This Failmander tattoo now officially has a a soft spot in my heart.

    You can find the original post here.

    Friendly reminder, Tattoodoers, don't drink and tatt.

    Charmander pokémon
    Charmander pokémon




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