Top Tattoos of the WWE: Part 2

Top Tattoos of the WWE: Part 2

As we saw last time tattoos are a big part of the WWE world, they make a wrestling superstar stand out.
As well help define them as a person in a fiercely competitive universe. To make it as a WWE superstar is possibly one of the hardest tasks in working for the worlds largest wrestling company but maybe, just maybe tattoos can help. If you look back over the last ten years there has been a large increase in tattooed superstars, from the Rock to CM Punk tattoos have become a central part what the WWE is. So here are six more tattooed superstars who have made having ink a wrestling must!!
Brock Lesnar
At 6 ft 3 and around 3oo lbs Brock Lesnar is a power house in the wrestling world, tearing up opponents one after the other. Most striking of Lesnar's appearance however is not his hulk like physique but the fearsome tattoos that cover his chest and back. Centred on his chest is a large sword and on his beck a vicious looking face of...a demon, skull, satan...There's still some debate on what it is, but it certainly makes a statement.
tatttooed Brock Lesnar, WWE
Tattoos of WWE
The Rated-R superstar was a fan favourite before a neck injury forced his early retirement. Nevertheless the eleven time champion was known through the WWE world for his collection of tattoos that documented his career. The sun on his shoulder represented the brightness of his career, a cross on his forearm honoured his time wrestling in a group called The Brood. Edge's most recent tattoo were the stars and roses that paid homage to his transformation into a headlining superstar!!
Tattooed Edge
Zahra Schreiber
As an up and coming WWE Diva Zahra has spent her career so far in the developmental branch of the company known as NXT. But it has been her tattooed look that has caught peoples eye. A fresh and more contemporary WWE Diva Zahra's tattooed look is going to add a lot to the wrestling world. If WWE has been missing anything it has been an awesome tattooed woman!!
Zahra Schreiber
Jeff Hardy
Along with his brother Matt, Jeff Hardy has spent the last fifteen years coming and going from the WWE. Notorious for his extreme high flying moves and punk style, in recent years Jeff has added an awesome branch themed sleeve to his look. It has since becoming a defining feature of the Jeff Hardy style!
tattooed Jeff Hardy
Randy Orton
Randy Orton was born with wrestling in his blood, as a third generation wrestler Orton become the youngest WWE champion in history aged just 24! Since then he has honed his reputation as the talent of a generation and created an awesome tattooed physique. Orton's ink began with a collecton of tribal pieces on his arms and back but he was soon back under the needle and returned with two skull sleeves, his tattooed look has certainly made him stand out as a champion!
Randy Orton
Wade Barrett
Bad News Barrett, as the fans call him, is a British born former bare knuckle boxing champion. Yes, he is perhaps one of the only wrestlers who can actually fight!! He has also recently joined the elite group of tattooed WWE superstars with a tribal shoulder piece on one arm and a rose and banner on the other. This British bad boy just can't resist the ink...he'll soon be sporting Randy Orton esc sleeves!
tattooed Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett tattooed arms
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