Underboob Tattoos: Some Of The Finest Part 4

Underboob Tattoos: Some Of The Finest Part 4

Check Underboob Tattoos Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more stomach, solar plexus, sternum.
In brief, the hot trend of what we call underboob tattoos!
Half mandala by Sasha Tattooing.
Elegant one by Olaf.
Love the colors and design of this stomach tattoo by Giulia Ghil!
Sometimes less is more: great geometric tattoo by Eric Stricker.
A much more ambitious one by Cory Cartwright.
Impressive mandala by Corey Divine!
This breath-taking tattoo by Christopher Henriksen is a success!
Royal wings by Christina Colour Andersen.
Work in progress by Aries Rhysing.
Cute little bug by Addi Draws...
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