10 Tattoos For All Fallout Fans

10 Tattoos For All Fallout Fans

Post-Apocalyptic role playing games don't come any bigger or better than the Fallout series.
Spanning seven different games, with another one in the works, the Fallout series has a huge following and dedicated fan base, the most loyal of which show their love of the game on their skin!
Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the 22nd and 23rd centuries the games are famed for their sci-fi style and 1950's nostalgia... Yep, that's right, the Fallout universe really does take the best of sci-fi and 1950's America and throw it two hundred years into a future where war has devastated life on earth, because "War, war never changes"
Thankfully for some the kind folks over at Vault-Tec created some state of the art fallout shelters to shield a lucky few from the horrors of nuclear war. Sadly when they emerged after the bombs had long exploded and the radiation slightly lessened they were greeted by the sight of the wasteland. A desolate and violent landscape perfect for any true role playing game fan to thrive in!
Bomb blast and Vault Boy, artist unknown
The desert rangers are always a welcome site in the wasteland! Unknown artist
Mad Max meets Vault Boy, artist unknown!
Prepare for the future and find yourself a vault!
Pip Boy tattoo by Niki Norberg
Fallout tattoo
Apparently size does matter... artist uknown
Desert Ranger by Savas Dogan
Vault Boy by Sean Lanusse
Fallout New Vegas sleeve. Artist unknown
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