12 Fancy Lipstick Tattoos

12 Fancy Lipstick Tattoos

Lipstick tattoos have all the advantages of real lipstick, but without the inconvenience.
Because your lipstick tattoos will never run, fade less quickly and even a famous brand won't cost a fortune... Lipstick tubes are a symbol of feminity indeed, but also of elegance and of freedom. Red lipstick used to be considered as trashy by conservative societies in history, only wore by women of low morals. But independant, strong and refined women (and men) started using red and pink on their lips. They became early icons of fashion. Iconic movie stars, vintage pin-ups, gay icons: they all have worn lipstick to show beauty and passion.
Now, lipstick is a classic, an indispensable accessory, always kept in bags and cherished. Tattoos of sexy lips are quite popular, but lipstick tubes are also a coveted idea for small tattoos or part of a bigger composition. Some ink (and make-up) addicts even choose to tattoo their favorite and iconic brands: Chanel, YSL (formerly Yves Saint-Laurent) and M.A.C. to name some. Lipstick tattoos can be seen as symbols of vanity, but often, they are teamed with messages of optimism and encouragement. If life goes wrong, put a bit of lipstick on your lips: that was mothers used to say... And too bad if you think it's girlie or superficial, their body their choice! Wanna look at some pretty and refined lipstick tattoos? Here is a selection.
Graphic effects by Tilldth.
Gorgeous sophisticated tube and composition by Shio Zaragoza...
Vivid colors by Rocky Zero.
Old school touch by Pierre of Studio Tattoo Mania.
Realistic gap-filler by Matteo Pasqualin.
3D YSL tube by Laura Amar.
It is Chanel this time... Vintage elegance by Klaim.
Lipsticks are useful to write messages and name. Here by Kid Kros.
And here by Hector Reyes.
Perfume, lipstick, diamonds and love... By Evan Olin.
Nice little piece by Alex Strangler.
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