12 Old School Skull and Dagger Tattoos

12 Old School Skull and Dagger Tattoos

Skull and dagger tattoos are commonly depicted by themselves or as part of a larger traditional piece.
By itself the dagger is a symbol of danger and violence but also a persons fighting spirit, the skull on the other hand represents death. Together the two tattoos make quite the formidable tattoo, a dagger through a skull is hardly a welcoming image but something about it just makes it work as an awesome and badass old school piece of ink. As one tattoo the skull and dagger has been adopted by prison tattooing as a badge of recognition for taking someone else's life... quite a hardcore tattoo then.
However in the wider social world of tattooing the skull and dagger is recognised as one of the most famous old school tattoos. Skull and dagger tattoos have been rocked since the dawn of western tattooing and to this day remain popular. The bold imagery and the striking subject make the skull and dagger tattoo a traditional classic, and who doesn't love an awesome old school tattoo. Skull and dagger tattoos are not as threatening as you may think and these awesome tattoos prove it!!
Amazing back tattoo by Chad Koeplinger
Great work by Sacred Art Tattoo
Little skull and dagger by Chapel Tattoo
Burnout Ink did this brilliant side piece
A realistic take on an old school subject by Nemesis Tattoo
Skull and Dagger by Providence Tattoo
Bold skull and daggers are always a badass tattoo choice
Skull, dagger and snake by Steve Fournier
Bold and old school tattoos never fail to look good
Awesome tattoo by Samuele Briganti
An individual take on a traditional tattoo by Jime Litwalk
Piece by Original Tattoo
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