13 Cat Tattoos For Your Inner Crazy Cat Lady

13 Cat Tattoos For Your Inner Crazy Cat Lady

Known as "mau in ancient Egypt, cats symbolize a lot. No matter what, these 13 cute cat tattoos will definitely awaken your inner cat lady.
Throughout history cats have had a symbolic meaning and they have been associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba'at. In ancient Greece, cats symbolized cleanliness, lust, deviousness and cunning. Nowadays, cats represent independence and rebelliousness.
A color-packed pussycat by Keely Rutherford
An eye catching kitty face by Paula Castle
A Kawaii cat by Julie Bauschardt
An abstract cat ready to pounce off the skin by Wonka
A Siamese kitty done with thousands of dots by Fran Fernandez
A Cartoon realism dapper cat by Erin Chance
A hyper-colorful sphinx by Katie Shocrylas
A hissing garden kitty by Rodrigo Soutobueno
An elegant neck piece by Mike Stockings
A surreal yet realistic cat by Ryan Ashley Malarkey
A naughty neo-traditional kitty by Eddy Lou
A nautical lobster cat that no one will forget by Eddy Lou
A kitty with a playful bite by Dylan Kwok
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