15 Brilliant Puzzle Tattoos

15 Brilliant Puzzle Tattoos

As a human, you are part of a whole: a family, a group of friends, a society, a group of people who are close to you or different from you.
But your uniqueness is a piece in a bigger ensemble. That's why the symbolism of puzzle pieces is often picked for meaningful social tattoos. Puzzle tattoos are recurrent to illustrate friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood and love. You've found the person who is matching you, and you want to celebrate with a matching tattoo? That's cute, but think twice, especially if you end up with two puzzle pieces that would never fit together because of the poor talent of a bad tattooist. Puzzle tattoos are also connected to mystery, intelligence and the complexity of the world. And indeed, you can genuinely be a puzzle lover. Another deep meaning of the puzzle piece is related to autism. Since the 1960s, it has been a symbol for researches and association devoted to autistic children and adults. The autism awareness ribbon is composed of many puzzle pieces of different colors. Autism is a disease yet to solve, just like a puzzle. Parents often get puzzle tattoos as a tribute to their autistic children, to show that their kids are not different or abnormal. Yet, some autistic persons don't really enjoy the idea of the puzzle piece, feeling it means that they are missing one piece, that they are incomplete. But symbols and tattoos are personal. If puzzle design is appealing to you, is suiting the meaning you want for your tattoo, then go for it! If you like mind games and beautiful tattoos with deep meanings and great art, then you will certainly enjoy these brilliant puzzle tattoos.
That is what we call great matching tattoos! His and Her puzzle tattoos by Zsolt Kelemen.
Beautiful work by Victoria Boaghi.
The enigmatic and gorgeous art of Tomasz Tofi Torfinski, starts of a puzzle leg sleeve.
Puzzle piece tattoos are a common tribute for autist children, paired with their names or portraits. Here, tattoo by ToKo Loren.
Poetic tattoo by Raychel Maughan.
A simple piece can make a beautiful and meaningful tattoo, if done right. Please credit the artist.
Watercolor swallows and puzzle background by P'ink.
Graphic tattoo made at Nomada.
Puzzle tattoos often reveal what's underneath. Here a cool 3D piece by Krzysztof Szymeczko.
Amazing surrealistic portrait by Juan Garcia...
A piece by Dark Spirit.
Great 3D autism awareness ribbon by Damien Killgod.
Jaw-dropping tattoo by Cory Salls...
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