15 Exciting Gambling Tattoos

15 Exciting Gambling Tattoos

Save a bit of your gambling money to enjoy life at its fullest with a tattoo. You could be attracted by these exciting gambling tattoos!
No more bets please! Drop the cards, leave the table and the casino, it is tattoo time! But for gamblers, game is an addictive and obsessive activity and Las Vegas is their capital... So, yes, they have gambling tattoos to show their passion and their fate... You know the old saying: gambling, alcohol and women are a man's ruin... That's why you often find these three elements gathered in tattoos, as a warning...
But who can turn away from such fun things ?! Gambling tattoos will certainly appeal to players, professional or passionate hobbyist. They will be familiar with the cards, poker chips, roulette, and dice, elements related to luck and players' superstition. But gambling tattoos are also allegories of life, where your chance can turn from success to misfortune...
Life is a big poker's table, where you are doing your best with the cards you ended up with, sometimes bluffing and always trying to win... So, throw the dice, show your hand and place your bets! Hope is all you have and money don't buy happiness... But it buys tattoos, which is quite the same! ;-)
Gambling tattoos are expressing warnings against "a man's ruin" for ages. Here, an old school skeleton's hand with cards by Adam Rosenthal.
Kissing dice is supposed to bring luck. Fantastic hand tattoo by Carl Grace!
Roll with it... Cool realistic tattoo by Daniel Rocha.
Gambling can be very addictive... Gorgeous piece by Dave Paulo.
Very fun burning dice tattoo by Edgar Monjo!
Nice black and grey roulette tattoo by Gerrit Bekman.
Rad forearm piece by Jaroslaw!
Cool piece with Lucky clovers in negative space by Jones...
The 3 man's ruins: alcohol, gambling and women... Terrific tattoo by Lucy Parlett!
Awesome realistic half sleeve by Mark Ellis.
A full sleeve by Mike DeVries.
Sick black and grey piece by Nashy Gunz!
Player's tattoo by Paul Boxall.
Cool idea if you have the cards in the skin... By Paweł Kucharski.
Great roulette tattoo by Thomas Pollard.
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