15 Freeky Die Antwoord Tattoos

If you are a fan, or just curious about the ink of other humans, take a look at those funky Die Antwoord tattoos..
Now, it is quite common to see portraits of famous musicians on fans' skins. But let's turn our attention to a specific band, gaining more and more international popularity, and indeed, tattoo tributes...
Die Antwoord is a South Africa-based music band of eletronic music and rap, following the philosophy of Zef. Zef is a term and concept born in South Africa, taking the opposing view of poverty's shame, a way of life of self-acceptance and creativity. The most visible members of Die Antwoord are Ninja, a popular figure of South African rap, and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, a sexy and fascinating singer. Their music, their look, their attitude and, indeed, their videos are true revelations and subjects of veneration for open-minded people.
Don't know Die Antwoord yet? Get you fix right now! Die Antwoord tattoos can be as creative as the band, playing with the trashy and provocative image of the singers. Yo-Landi is indeed a popular subject for portrait tattoos with her witty mug. But fans have imagination (if not madness!) when it comes to their Die Antwoord tattoos... But, actually, that's how we love them...
"I fink u freeky and I like your tattoos a lot..."
Killer tattoo by Ubi.
This picture of Yolandi is inspiring fans and tattoo artists. Here by Steve Butcher.
What do you think of this version by Fredy Tomas Ferreras?
Or this one by Ryan Dickson. Which one do you prefer?
Smoking Ninja by Sean Henry.
Bloody music by Saga.
This graphic composition by Ran MacLurkin really follow the funky and trashy aesthetic of Die Antwoord, love it!
Die Antwoord tattoos can also be lyrics. Here by Joseph.
By Forsaken Ink.
Ninja and his moustache by Emily Horstman.
Stunning portrait of Yolandi by Den Yakovlev.
Baby's on fire, she got me going fuckin crazy... Cool tattoo by Dan Molloy!
Err... alright! Butterfly Yolandi by Connie.
Bloody Ninja by Angélique Grimm.
The members of Die Antwoord are also fans of tattoo. If Ninja prefers hand-poke sarcastic tattoos, Yolandi requested master Carlos Torres for her child's portrait tattoo.