15 Gorgeous Fantasy Castle Tattoos

15 Gorgeous Fantasy Castle Tattoos

Do you have a secret place inside your mind where you feel safe and powerful,just like a king or queen in a castle, a Fortress of Solitude?
Then perhaps, you also have castle tattoos to look at and dream... All Fantasy and History lovers know castles, these impressive buildings of stone with numerous towers. First built in early Middle Age, they were intended to protect nobles and their people from invasions. They were the houses of knights and often legendary places, haunted by dragons. Now, you still can visit them. All the dreams are possible with castles, either related to fairy tales or horror culture.
Castle tattoos are always enigmatic. Russian prison tattoos are using it to show the years spent in prison, with as many towers as years. They can also represent Christian faith. But castle tattoos are mostly connected to chilvarous childhood's dreams and fantasy culture. They are often representated with impossible architecture, floating in the space or built on flying islands. If castles should be heavy, in imagination they defy the gravity laws... You've understood it, castle tattoos are coming from the realm of dreams. They are telling about our need of protection, of secrets and about the majesty of our personal life and imagination.
If you are ready to travel to the magic and mysterious land of dreams, take a journey with our gorgeous Fantasy castle tattoos...
Upside-down castle and sailboat by Alex Tabuns.
Looks like Alex Tabuns has many terrific castle tattoos to credit!
Fun little solar plexus castle by Almagro Tattooer!
Indeed, we need some Disney castle tattoos. Here by Anthony Ortega.
And this one by Elvin Yong.
How gorgeous is this solar plexus flying castle by Jan Mraz???
Nice black and grey by Javier Betancourt.
Spooky but cool, by Mark Londsdale.
Fantastic castle back tattoo by Nadi!
Lovely piece by Simone Ruco...
Nice horror tattoo by Thomas L'Amiral.
By Timmy Tub for fairytales princesses...
Rad upside-down skull tattoo by Veks van Hillik!
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