15 Illest Black & Bold Traditional Tattoos

15 Illest Black & Bold Traditional Tattoos

Don't mistake black as something that's just that. It may be colorless, but you will be surprised how versatile it is!
It can complement any style (Traditional, Oriental, Geometric, Dotwork, Ethnic etc) and come off so damn strong and bold. These 15 crazy black & bold Tattoos will show you that you don't really need too much detail or too many colors to make a tattoo rich and beautiful. Sometimes, simple is good and less is more and we can't get enough of these awesome black works with each tattoo bearing its very own style and touch of madness.
The best way to sport a black tattoo is to really go black! Stay true to the ink! Tattoo by Sarah Carter.
Don't hesitate to get some crazy & mad designs. It's what makes a tattoo truly unique. Tattoo by Deni Aktemirov.
Bold lines, strong & readable linework, cleverly simple maneuvers and composition make the ideal blackwork tattoo.
One can never go wrong with black. Especially if you've got a superb tattoo artist to do the magic for you. Tattoo by Sway.
Tattoo by Philip Yarnell.
The placement doesn't give a fuck and that's what makes it fucking awesome!
Check out this cool knuckle tattoo idea!
Devilishly beautiful, Black tattoos are...
It's gonna stun and eat you up!
It's the best ink to use on tough placements that fade out overtime like the fingers and hands.
Sinfully brilliant!
...it's tempting to get one!
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