15 Intense Sacred Heart Tattoos

15 Intense Sacred Heart Tattoos

Heart designs are the most widespread tattoos in the world, but it doesn't mean they are all similar and with the meaning of romantic love.
Sacred heart tattoos, for example, are related to another kind of love: Faith. And especially Roman Catholic faith. Religious people enjoys getting some ink inspired by religious art. But there are many symbols in Christian religion which can be worn for pride, dedication or personal meaning. The cross indeed, but also the Sacred Heart. This specific kind of heart is no less than the physical heart of Jesus Christ in person. Sacred Heart tattoos can thus be depicting anatomical hearts, but they are more inspired by the ancient representations used by believers for centuries. Medals, objects, etchings and embroideries, they all had in common a stylized heart in shape of a vase, with flames or smoke escaping from it and surrounded by the famous crown of thorns. Additions can be made to this basic symbol, with daggers, cross or even the eye of God. Burning of love and suffering, the Sacred Heart has been modelled on his owner. Sacred Heart tattoos are found in color in old school style, especially in Europe, and black and grey in realistic or new school styles, especially in America and in the chicano population. They are worn by Catholic people in general, on visible locations (neck, hands, sleeves) but also close to the heart, on the chest. If you want to see more about this symbol that has stand the test of time, then check those fiery Sacred Heart tattoos.
Fantastic 3D tattoo by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski!
Black and grey nape tattoo by Steve Soto.
Delicate plexus sacred heart by Sean Arnold.
The gorgeous work of Pete The Thief...
Nice chest tattoo by Miss Juliet.
Interesting minimalistic design by Love Hawk!
Traditional chestpiece by Liam Sparkes.
Here teamed with daggers by Kid Kros.
Sacred heart tattoos are also part of Jesus Christ's portraits. Here by Jun Cha.
By Joe Gentile.
Awesome plexus tattoo by Elisa Carisi!
An intricate finger tattoo by Dr Woo...
Gorgeous stomach tattoo by Anderson Luna...
Love the bright colors of this old school plexus sacred heart by Alix Gé...
Nice black and grey new school tattoo by Abey Alvares.
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