15 Majestic Hawk Tattoos

15 Majestic Hawk Tattoos

If eagle tattoos are classic of tattoo history, especially in America, other birds of prey have a good place in ink lovers' hearts.
Hawk is a term of falconry used to describe any type of raptors tamed by man. It is also an easy term in tattoo art, including many different species: hawks, falcons, hobbies and other specific types of wild birds. Tattooed zoologists will differentiate them... Hawk tattoos are directly influenced by the Ancient Egypt's cult of Horus, the god with hawk's head, but also Native American legends. With its noble look, sharp sight and efficient hunter's skills, hawk has always been honoured by men, who soon tried to tame it.
Birds and their masters created a unique bonding for mutual help in hunting and war. If falconry is more a hobby and an entertainment now, hawk is still a coveted symbol of intelligence and spiritual connection with Nature. Hawk tattoos are quite badass, with many gorgeous details and they are still perfectly illustrating the concept of nobility. If you are feeling that raptors are your totem, or if you are just fascinated by the sharp silhouette of these lone masters of hunting, perhaps would you like to find some inspiration for your own hawk tattoos?
Screaming hwk neck tattoo by Atalay Gölge.
Black and grey tattoo by Carlos Torres.
Georgeous composition by David Hale.
Another one of David Hale's many hawk tattoos.
Amazing half sleeve by El Mori.
Woman and hawk by neo traditional artist Emily Rose Murray.
Cool hand tattoo by Erin Chance.
Breath-taking sleeve by Jose Perez Jr!
By Konstantin Vorobjev.
New school hawk tattoo by Lindsay Baker.
Detail of a sleeve by Mike Moses.
Cool tattoo by Stefan Johnsson.
Fantastic tattoo by Teresa Sharpe of Horus, the Ancient Egypt hawk god!
Dotwork piece by Valentin Hirsh.
The graphic art of Wang.
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