15 Potent Skull And Snake Tattoos

15 Potent Skull And Snake Tattoos

Skull tattoos are strongly associated with death and human mortality, just another grim reminder that one day our time will all be up.
So what happens when you throw a snake into the mix? In the western world the image of a skull and snake most commonly represents the nature of death and both the physical and spiritual destruction of a person. The snake coiled round the skull is an intense image of death at the hands of a threatening creature. Nevertheless, elsewhere in the world a snake is the symbol of healing and rebirth! Together in this sense the skull and snake become a symbol of death and rebirth, or the cycle of life and death.
What will your skull and snake tattoo mean to you? Will it just be a badass old school tattoo? Or will you embrace the life and death symbolism it comes with?
Snake and Skull by 88Ink-Blood Tattoo Studio
Avinit Tattoo created this awesome tattoo!
Black and grey tattoo by Sacred Art Tattoo
Skull, snake, eagle! What's not to love... by Chalice Tattoo
Little old school piece by Chapel Tattoo
Brilliant work by Dagger & Lark Tattoo
Hand snake skull by Last Port Tattoo
Great tattoo by Julio Rodriguez
Fantastic shoulder skull and snake by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Stunning bold tattoo by Trent Edwards
Skull and snake side tattoo... artist unknown
Great work by Koji Tattoo
Amazing back piece by Tim Hendricks!!!
Colin Jones did this amazing body suit
By Three KIngs Tattoo
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