15 Sacred Om Tattoos

15 Sacred Om Tattoos

Some of the most widespread tattoos in the world unfortunately sometimes are made in a mediocre technique.
Those are also often worn without a real knowledge of their true meanings.I am indeed referring to om tattoos. What is "Om"? It is a mystical sound, done with throat, tongue and lips to create a vital vibration. The omkara ("the om syllable") can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism and other Dharmic religions. Its calligraphy is consequently variable, depending of the alphabet used. The most famous calligraphy of om are Sanskrit, Devanagari, Jain and Tibetan. Also known as Aum, it is a sacred symbol thought to be the original sound which gave the Universe its structure. In Hinduism, the three components of Aum are the beginning, birth and god Brahma (A), life and god Vishnu (U) and end, death and god Shiva (M). That's w hy Hinduists are using om symbols to relate to their holy Trinity. In Buddhism, the sacred sound is used in meditation, such as Tantrism. It starts mantras, such as the famous Om mani padme hum. Om tattoos are used by people to get closer to Hinduist and Buddhist spirituality, and the deep meaning of the prana, the vital vibration. To respect these religions and to celebrate life, om tattoos are often in Asian traditional styles, often hand-poken, in dotwork or Mehndi styles. They are teamed with mandalas, sacred geometry, lotus (a symbol of purity in both religions) and statues of Buddha. If you enjoy the symbolism of the omkara and calligraphy tattoos, you will admire these mystical and beautiful om tattoos.
Henna inspired chest tattoo by Twix.
Gorgeous new school lotus neck tattoo by Roger Axelsson...
Amazing use of the om with a realistic Buddha tattoo by Pepa!
Lovely dotwork back tattoo on tanned skin by Mr No.
Sweet watercolor tattoo by Koray Karagözler.
Black and grey Buddha by Kinki Ryusaki.
And this one by Karen of Chronic Ink.
Thigh mandala made by tattoo apprentice Jorge Creative Life.
You can enjoy more stylized versions of om tattoos. Here by Jay Freestyle.
Or this one by Chaim Machlev.
Om tattoos are often found in mandalas. By Faustink.
Another great dotwrk mandala, by Bruno Almeida.
Great design with calligraphy and nice details. If you know the name of the artist, please write it in comments.
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