15 Yummy, Extra Cheesy & Pizzariffic Pizza Tattoos

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Who doesn't love Pizza?! It's one of the greatest food inventions on earth! One awesome triangular slice is already packed with ingredients that would make a goooood & tasty meal: dough, crunchy crust, cheese, sauce, meat and toppings of your choice! Wash it off with sparkling cool soda or ice cold beer and you're *burp* done!!! One of the best comfort foods to eat alone or share with friends: PIZZA. <3 So we compiled 15 yummy, extra cheesy & pizzariffic tattoos of Pizza that will make you crave for one right about now! :-P Ugh, i want a slice. :(

There are types of Pizza lovers.

By Steve Byrne
By Steve Byrne

There are Pizza lovers who make Onions an essential topping. Tattoo by Steve Byrne.

There are fans of Pepperoni...


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    Pizza tattoo
    Pizza tattoo

    Some want it extra cheesy... (Tattoo by Brian Turnbull, government St., Tattoo)

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    Some don't care & will just eat it all up!!! (Tattoo by Lauren Nolt)

    It's so yummy it's Love at first slice. <3

    So go ahead and take a Pizza my Heart. <3 (Tattoo by Kelly McGrath)

    Choose a slice... I choose the biggest! :P

    Get your mugs, raise it high, & let's drink to Pizzaaaahhhh!

    Love me baby. Tattoo by Chuck Jones.

    Ryan Gosling tattoo
    Ryan Gosling tattoo

    Would you eat Ryan Gosling's beard if it was pizza?!

    PIZZA OR DIE!!!!!!

    By Hanna Sandstrom
    By Hanna Sandstrom

    What do you say to Death when you meet him? Not today, my friend. Have a slice.

    ARGGGHHHH!!! *devours*

    Pizza always wins!!!! (Tattoo by Amanda, Gemini Tattoo)

    Spot the missing pizza! ;)

    Have a nice & stuffed day. Enjoy food, enjoy life!!! ***BURP**** excuse me.



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