16 Fantastic Legend Of Zelda Tattoos

16 Fantastic Legend Of Zelda Tattoos

If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at those amazing Legend of Zelda tattoos...
Let's start by something that truly irritates gamers: NO, the playable character of The Legend of Zelda is NOT Zelda, he is called Link! Zelda is the princess who need to be rescued... This said, time to admire the dedication and creativity of gamers with Legend of Zelda tattoos...
Since 1986, The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular video games of the world, introducing players to an intricate and aesthetic fantasy world with fascinating adventures and creatures. It is also a great source of inspiration for geek tattoos. Many of them have inked the Triforce or the Hylian crest on their bodies. But with the development of tattoo art, tattoo artists are turning gaming tattoos into elaborated masterpieces and fans are coveting more ambitious designs to show their passion.
In Legend of Zelda tattoos, Link is indeed a popular inspiration, but also the Princess Zelda. She is an interesting gamer's fantasy, and she often changes of appearance in tattoos, blonde or brunette, pixelated or realistic, to fit a real or dream girlfriend. Enemies of Link have also a great part in Legend of Zelda tattoos, especially the fascinating Skull Kid. The cult game is unleashing imagination, allowing several great tattoos, from badass to cute. So, are you a recurring traveller of Hyrule, and do you have ink to prove it?
Cool tattoo by David Tevenal of a Poe.
Cute Princess Zelda tattoo by Drew Romero!
That's one of the most epic Legend of Zelda tattoos... A killer sleeve by Heather Beebe!
Another gorgeous Princess Zelda by Ina Schimp...
Here, Jak Connoly imagined her in a realistic style... what do you think?
Cool use of red ink by Jamie Izumi.
Vilains tattoo by Joe Matisa.
Beautiful Zelda by Lucky.
And another version, also by Lucky.
Badass Skulltula by Mike Moses!
Cute watercolor Link by Noémie Alazard!
A creative tattoo of the Skull kid by Russell Van Schaick!
Cool Link piece by Scott Falbo...
A fantastic sleeve of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by Scradley!
Lovely princess by Tom Penny...
New school Link by Uncl Paul.
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